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Tow bars fitted by experts

‘What price peace of mind’? Let Portland Towing Centre Ltd fit your new tow bar and rest-assured that it won’t let you down.
With fixed, detachable and retractable tow bars all now available at affordable prices, it really isn’t a case of bolt on, plug in and go anymore. A badly fitted tow bar can:

– Invalidate your insurance
– Invalidate your vehicle warranty
– Make certain vehicle safety features inactive
With the vast majority of modern vehicles when fitting a new tow bar there is also a requirement to fit a vehicle-specific designated wiring harness. The main purpose of this is to ensure that all towing-specific vehicle electrics work in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers specifications.

Types of tow bar available:

Retractable tow bars – Maintain the look of your vehicle, with many retractable tow bars becoming completely invisible when not in use. They also allow the continuing use of parking distance control systems.

Detachable tow bars – Similar to the retractable tow bar however it must be manually removed and fitted.

Fixed tow bar – As the name suggests these tow bars are permanently fixed to the vehicle